About the site, about me

I'm Thomas Coopman, a freelancing developer. Hire me.

My name is Thomas Coopman and I’m a 29 year old developer. Recently I’ve officially started freelancing/consulting in my spare time. That’s the main reason for creating this site and blog.

On this site you can find some more information about me. At the portfolio page you can see some things I’ve created. That page is empty at the moment but it will be coming soon.

I’m a developer, mostly a web-developer (backend and frontend). In my main job, I’m a project manager and developer. The main things I do is implementing GIS systems and viewers, so I’ve got a lot of experience with GIS (mainly with ArcGIS, but I also know Geoserver and leaflet).

If you need someone to help you with the implementation of a custom solution, GIS or something else. You want to get a second opinion about something technical. Or you need some help on a project… contact me and we can have a chat!



Thomas Coopman

Software Consultant