Elixir and Nerves beginner workshop

Update: changed the date to Thursday June 21st Have you ever looked at Elixir and thought, this looks like a nice language with great features. This is a language that I want to know! Have you ever thought about toying with a raspberry pi or an arduino, playing with some leds, buttons, but never got around to it thinking it would take too much time to start with it. Maybe you’re just interested in functional programming or you want to learn a new programming language? »

Programming Phoenix review

Elixir and Phoenix crossed my path multiple times last year. I read a really interesting tutorial on building a web framework from scratch. Furthermore, Phoenix is really popular as an Elm backend, so I decided it was time to dive a bit deeper and learn myself some Phoenix. It just happens that Program Phoenix by by Chris McCord, Bruce Tate, and José Valim was published recently, so this seemed like a good opportunity to learn more! »